Tanzu – Taking Vision into Reality

Vision with action makes a powerful reality – Roy Kaufman

How often in our lives are we engaged when vision meets reality?

Well for us at VMware this is that moment. Today as we launch new solutions for everyone who is looking to use software for digital transformation. The story is simple, you don’t need to be an expert to consume the solution.

Every business idea around us nowadays is powered by some sort of software. It can be embedded into a car or a mobile application. This piece of software is what we all in IT call an application. This application becomes so critical that if it goes down business also goes down. This is the digital era. In digital era there are new challenges to be solved as now we have too many applications, diverse end customers to cater and provide constant innovation.

So if you are a business which relies on applications to manage your business – you will have to do following : Build Applications, Run Applications somewhere, Manage Applications, Connect Applications to end users, Protect Applications for cyberattack and breaches. You may not end up doing all of the above but for sure have to do a subset at the very least.

Below VMware vision has been there for good past 5 years, VMware is constantly putting pieces for integrated solution offering which is as simple to consume as an Operating System. I personally like to call this as the Digital OS helping – build, run, manage, connect and protect applications.

Today, marks an historic day in the company’s history. Today VMware Announces Expanded Portfolio of Products and Services to Help Customers Modernize Applications and Infrastructure and make the (above) vision a reality (below).

The digital foundation will assist to – Build, Run, Manage, Connect and Protect Any App on Any Cloud on Any Device. If you still can’t relate to specific use cases below image explains the specific use cases you may be trying to solve within the organisation.

Additionally, you simply need to relate to 5 solution offering from VMware. I will be writing about them in detail individually later on.

Today VMware is launching VMware Tanzu as the App modernisation solution offering. More details can be found later on https://cloud.vmware.com/tanzu post the launch. Additionally, VMware is also launching new VMware Cloud offering (VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0) VMware Cloud offering with integrated Kubernetes. This is the biggest change in vSphere architecture since vSphere 4.x in my opinion. VCF 4.0 is powered by vSphere 7.0, NSX-T, vSAN 7.0, vRealize 2019

Tanzu solution portfolio overview is below: it consists of Build, Manage and Run aspects of modern application on any cloud. To me below is the completion of the vision into reality along with intrinsic security (topic for another day).

Deeper dive into VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu (see below) which aligns to VMware vision.

Hopefully, this helps you to understand about VMware with its latest product and solution offering. If you wish to read more about Tanzu please see additional links for in depth understanding.

VMware Tanzu Completes the Modern Applications Picture Official Press release of the announcement App Modernization in a multi-cloud world Become a Modern Software Organization with VMware Tanzu

Thanks for reading!

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