Tanzu – Taking Vision into Reality

Vision with action makes a powerful reality – Roy Kaufman How often in our lives are we engaged when vision meets reality? Well for us at VMware this is that moment. Today as we launch new solutions for everyone who is looking to use software for digital transformation. The story is simple, you don’t need to be an expert to consume the solution. Every business … Continue reading Tanzu – Taking Vision into Reality

VMware CaaS Offering – PKS

Recently, VMware announced the next version of its on-premise CaaS offering PKS 1.3. This is the 3 major release of PKS since its announcement in VMworld 2017. Since, then PKS has seen tremendous innovation and 1.3 release is a testimonial to it. Quick highlight of what the new version comes with: Component Details PKS version v1.3.0 Ops Manager versions v2.3.1+, v2.4.0+ Stemcell version v170.15 Kubernetes … Continue reading VMware CaaS Offering – PKS