VMware CaaS Offering – PKS

Recently, VMware announced the next version of its on-premise CaaS offering PKS 1.3. This is the 3 major release of PKS since its announcement in VMworld 2017. Since, then PKS has seen tremendous innovation and 1.3 release is a testimonial to it.

Quick highlight of what the new version comes with:

Component Details
PKS version v1.3.0
Ops Manager versions v2.3.1+, v2.4.0+
Stemcell version v170.15
Kubernetes version v1.12.4
Docker version v18.06.1-ce (CFCR)
On-Demand Broker version v0.24
NSX-T versions* v2.2, v2.3.0.2, v2.3.1
NCP version v2.3.1
vSphere versions v6.7.0, v6.7 U1

v6.5 U1, v6.5 U2

PKS uses CFCR (Cloud Foundation Container Runtime), an open source project that provides a solution for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using BOSH. While lot of customer still then they can use open source K8s and build a platform of CaaS. While it looks very simply and easy for enterprise they have to solve other problems which can’t be solved by vanilla K8s.

Feature Included in K8s Included in PKS
Single tenant ingress
Secure multi-tenant ingress
Stateful sets of pods
Multi-container pods
Rolling upgrades to pods
Rolling upgrades to cluster infrastructure
Pod scaling and high availability
Cluster provisioning and scaling
Monitoring and recovery of cluster VMs and processes
Persistent disks
Secure container registry
Embedded, hardened operating system

PKS overall architecture can be easily understood by looking at the below components. Interesting piece is the little ‘Service Broker’ sitting next to K8’s cluster above BOSH which is interacting with all the external services. In v1.0 the service broker could talk to GCP platform, which later expanded to AWS. in  PKS v1.3 the service broker has extended to Azure for IaaS.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 11.57.39 PM

Other key features announced in PKS 1.3 can be summarised below:

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 11.57.23 PM

More information at : https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Pivotal-Container-Service/1.3/vmware-pks-13/GUID-PKS13-index.html

Happy reading!


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