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Disclaimer : This space is my own personal space and all the views are personal.

Though I have written personal blogs with my own personal views etc. I thought to create a new leaf dedicated for Technology. Technology has become a very BIG World in recent times compared to core industries. I remember people saying  Technology was never considered as Core Engineering stream in early 90’s.  When I did my engineering in 2000’s we were laughed by Mechanical, Civil Engineering students.

Now 2016 is ending and all of a sudden entire world wants to learn how to code. Internet penetration has made Facebook, Uber the big giants. Brick & Motor are now considered laggard. The constant pace at which innovation is happening is known, however what people don’t realize is the uptake of this innovation is also at its highest level. Now to use a new feature you can simply get Over The Air Update even sitting in India. Compare that to older days where people had to create a launch plan for other regions/countries.

I thought to best demonstrate how Technology is consumed at fasted pace ever I will use my own Mac machine. I am using Apple Ecosystem since I believe thats where the future lies ‘Ecosystem’.

Apple recently launched the capability to unlock your Mac using iWatch.  Of course there are certain dependancies or rather pre-requisites before you can enable the feature. You can refer the Apple support KB for more details. Once you have enabled this feature, Vola!


I hope I remember my password now 🙂

I’m gonna dedicate this entire space for Technology – Consumer + Enterprise. At times I might drift towards Enterprise helping the ecosystem. However, I would still want to help consumer facing forums. I believe what ever Enterprise does is to help Consumer.



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