Cloud Core Edge

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As key technology trends – Cloud and IoT are picking up across the globe 🌏 we see they no longer can run in isolation. Due to network limitations we have Core layer which is lying between Edge and Cloud.

So if you want to see Cloud is where Applications will run and Edge is consuming data from IoT sensors. So ensuring this entire network connectivity, data movement is seamless. If you are an Enterprise there are other factors related to Security/Day-2 operations etc. which you have to factor in. IT has to partner with OT, business decision makers.

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 9.06.46 AM.png

What is VMware doing to solve above problem statement for IoT. Well, we are working towards to create a ubiquitous layer across IoT <-> Core <-> Cloud.

With that vision in mind VMware has announced a joint partnership with Microsoft for Azure IoT. We can run Azure IoT system on vSphere 6.7 Hypervisor.Wow!

Customer choice is driving this hybrid cloud engagement across technology partners. If you want more details please click the link below.

Microsoft Announcement

VMware Announcement


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